CashPay Makes Grand Entry To The E-Commerce Space

CashPay Staff - Redefining E-Commerce

CashPay Staff - Redefining E-Commerce

CashPay brings ecommerce a step closer to Blockchain technology with their amazing solution.

Dubai, UAE February 6, 2021 – (Arab Newswire) – With the rise of e-commerce giants, there appears to be a new player in the market – CashPay Group – with a solution built using the highly secure Blockchain technology. With unbelievable prices, free shipping on all orders and exciting offers, CashPay Shop is going to take the world by storm. With “Buy 2, Get 1 FREE” offers on premium products like the iPhone, iPad and Macbook – CashPay Shop is already turning heads.

CashPay brings ecommerce a step closer to Blockchain technology with their amazing solution.

The most important aspects that consumers look for in an online marketplace is trust and ease of transactions. Whether it is usability, customer management, transactions, or supply, ecommerce ticks all the right boxes as far as performance is concerned. By the year 2021, the global retail ecommerce sales are going to touch about $5 trillion and in another two decades, almost 95% of the world’s shoppers will be using the online marketplace. The silver lining amidst this all is the emergence of a bridge to connect consumers with businesses and allow a smooth transaction of cash. Thus, CashPay is the bridge that shall connect both the elements with their solutions.

CashPay is at a nascent stage but its products are built to service the current and future needs from every point of view of the ecommerce world. The primary offerings or products that CashPay Group offer are the CashPay Shop (Online Marketplace), CashPay EZ (Payment Gateway) and CashPay Passport (Merchant Wallet). The company is putting its lot with the multi-fold growth in the ecommerce market over the past few decades, and aims to divert the shift towards transactions done through cryptocurrency – with the CashPay token ($CPZ) leading the foray.

CashPay token ($CPZ)

With a seasoned and multi-cultural leadership, Araash Medhi, who leads the team as the Chief Executive Officer has come a long way and plans to take CashPay to the very top of the ecommerce and blockchain technology sphere. In his words, “With the growth in ecommerce technology, when I was introduced to the world of Blockchain, I realised the tremendous potential it has if connected in the right way. At CashPay, our motive is to help consumers, producers and businesses save time, money and to guarantee their safety – it is a win-win for all.”

CashPay Group plans to introduce a wide range of products to their list. As of now – electronics, accessories, smart wearables, smartphones, video games etc are a part of the ecommerce shop that is powered by the $CPZ token. Strategic partnerships with top producers and brands are already underway that shall see a lot of big names become a part of this revolutionary blockchain project.

CashPay is already creating the right buzz among potential consumers as well as merchants through an engaging social media presence. For more information, go to .

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