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Earning Dining and Cashback Privileges with Credit Cards in the UAE

1. Earn Dining and Cashback Privileges with Credit Cards in the UAE

Earning dinning cashback

Credit cards offer much more than just the ability to pay bills or buy products. By getting a credit card, customers can access privileges and benefits ranging from rewards, cashback and more.

Dubai, UAE – (Arab Newswire) — Customers who are looking for the best credit cards in the UAE that have exciting privileges can check out Citi Credit Cards. From offers to rewards, Citi credit cards provide various benefits that help customers enjoy the different facets of life without spending a lot of money.

Here are some popular credit cards in the UAE and their benefits:

Prestige Credit Card

Citi Prestige credit cards offers AED 1,500 redeemable rewards points that customers can use for cash rebates, staycation bookings and more. Check out the key privileges and discounts to know more about it.

Key Privileges

Fees and Charges

The annual membership fee for the Citi Prestige credit card is AED 1,500 and customers must have a monthly minimum income of AED 30,000.

Premier Credit Card

Citi Premier Card gives a plethora of benefits and privileges that can enhance customers’ lifestyles. It also offers an AED 400 credit, and fee-free annual membership for the first year of usage.

Key Privileges

Fees and Charges

Citi Premier Credit Card comes with an annual membership fee of AED 750, which is not charged on the first year of usage. To access this card, customers need a minimum monthly income of AED 15,000.

Rewards Credit Card

Citi Rewards credit cards do not charge any annual fees for the first year and provide an AED 200 statement credit.

Key Privileges

Fees and Charges

Citi Rewards card requires a nominal membership fee of AED 300 and a minimum monthly income of AED 8,000.


Apart from the above-mentioned credit cards, customers can also have a look at the Citi Cashback credit card, Emirates-Citibank credit cards and more. Customers can check out the offers and privileges for each card and enjoy exciting services. To apply for a Citi credit card, visit the Citibank website.


The content reflects the view of the author of the article and does not necessarily reflect the views of Citi or its employees. Please read the products and offers on Citibank UAE website for accuracy or completeness of the information presented in the article.

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