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DUBAI, UAE — (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Credit cards allow one to make a wide range of purchases without having any cash handy. While there are different types of credit cards that are available in the UAE, it is worth noting that they serve more purpose than simply allowing one to complete a purchase. Most credit cards are designed with features that can make each transaction a profitable one. For instance, if an individual wants to earn rewards for every spend, he can check out some of the best rewards credit cards that are available in the UAE’s financial market.

The types of rewards offered by most rewards credit cards are cashback, convertible miles, redeemable points, among others. Some rewards cards also come with several useful features. However, as the availability of such credit cards is not limited, selecting the best rewards credit card can be a little challenging. So, to know how to select the best rewards credit card, the following points can be beneficial.

What Kind of Rewards Best Suit You?

Before applying for the best reward credit card, it can be beneficial to first identify the reason for applying. For example, if the reason is related to accruing points and then using them to make purchases, then a credit card that offers points for every spend can be useful. Similarly, if the objective is to get cashback on purchases such as groceries, then getting a rewards credit card that particularly caters to that need can be advantageous

Earning Rewards Points

Rewards credit cards also offer rewards points that can be redeemed. So, anytime one swipes the card to make a purchase, the card offers rewards points. These points can be accrued to reach a higher limit. Once enough points are collected, they can be used to make purchases. Some cards offer these rewards points not only for local spending but for international spending too.

Complimentary Rewards

Those who travel frequently for work or leisure can check out rewards credit cards that provide complimentary privileges. Some of the benefits of such cards are – free airport lounge access, free movie tickets in select cinema halls once a month or as applicable, discount on food delivery and dining bills, staycation offers, etc.

Annual Fees

One of the important factors that one may want to consider while applying for a rewards credit card is the annual fee amount that is charged. Some cards may charge a hefty annual fee, so it can be imperative to know the benefits and features that are offered. If the provided benefits do not seem to justify the fee charged, then one can check out the other options that are available in the market. Most cards even provide joining benefits and privileges too.


The points discussed above can help filter down the options while selecting the best rewards credit cards. Most financial institutions that issue such credit cards also ensure easy application procedures. So, those who want to apply for one can skip the task of visiting the bank and instead apply for a rewards credit card online on the bank’s dedicated website. Upon fulfilling the criteria, the card will get delivered to the specified address.

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