Iraqi Kurdistan Tea
Iraqi Kurdistan Tea

Iraqi Media List

Print media, such as newspapers and magazines in Iraq are dying like in other parts of the world, and people are turning to online news sources. However, some Iraqi publications are striving. While they are struggling, news agencies from other countries are serving the Iraqi people. Some of these foreign news agencies are “Anadolu Ajansı of Turkey, the Associated Press of the United States, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur of Germany.”  Iraqi mass media, which include print, radio, television and online services, report in these languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Turkmen, and Neo-Aramaic.  However, ArabNewswire™ focuses its press release distribution to Iraqi media outlets in English and In Arabic.

Below is a sample list Iraqi media. Submit press release.


Al Adala

Al Ahali Iraq

Al Bayan

Al Bayyna

Al Dawaa

Al Forat

Al Iraq

Al Iraqiya

Al Itthad

Al Mada

Al Mada

Al Mashriq

Al Mowaten

Al Mutmar

Al Rafidayn

Al Sabaah

Al Sabah Al Jadeed

Al Sumaria

Al Youm

Al Zaman

Asiasat Tv

Aswat al Iraq




Babylon News


Baghdad International Agency



Iraq 123 News

Iraq Business News

Iraq Daily Journal

Iraq Energy

Iraq Hurr

Iraqi News

Iraqi Reporter

Kurdish Globe

Kurdistan TV




Radio Dijla

Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty

Sotal Iraq

Voice of Iraq


The listed Iraqi media outlets cover the country’s socio-economic and political issues. The economy of Iraq is largely dependent of the oil sector.  According to Wikipedia, the oil industry provided roughly 80 percent of foreign exchange earnings; eighty-five percent of the government revenues comes from the oil sector.

ArabNewswire™ publishes and distributes press releases to Iraqi journalists and bloggers. To publish and distribute news releases to  the Iraqi audience, or to other countries in the middle east region, submit press release or contact us.  


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