Kenyan man reading a magazine
Kenyan man reading a magazine

Mass media in Kenya for press release distribution includes magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations, online news sites and blogs.

Nairobi, Kenya — ( — Using a press release is one of the best ways to announce a new product release, service launch or an upcoming event in Kenya. The best way to distribute a press release is by involving the Kenyan media. Kenya is one of the top ten most developed countries in Africa, ranking at number six. The media list that non-profit organizations, businesses, and other institutions use to distribute press releases to the targeted audience comprises Televisions, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines, and other online news sites.

Like in any other country, when thinking about using Journalists to cover news based on a press release, it is essential to understand how Kenyan media works.  Some of the Kenyan media aspects that should be taken into consideration include the following:

  1. Do the journalists or the media houses have access to the target audience? It is vital to ensure that the media being used has enough coverage to reach the target audience. Using a national radio, TV station or newspaper will help to reach every Kenyan resident.
  2. Are journalists willing to write a story from the news release? Depending on the media house chosen for press release distribution, it is essential to ensure that whatever will be announced is aligned with media reporting guidelines.
  3. What are the shortcomings of using certain media houses? Some media outlets, especially local radio stations do not have enough coverage. It is wise to use a station that broadcasts in the national language, which includes English and Kiswahili.
  4. Are some media channels in Kenya better than others? The more established the media house is, the more audience it reaches. If the announcement concerns the entire Kenyan population, it is wise to use a more established media instead of using upcoming blogs and media houses that do not have enough reach.

It is also essential to understand the communication infrastructure in Kenya, the legal requirements and environment that journalists operate, and how the political and economic atmosphere affects journalism and news reporting in the country.

The media sector in Kenya comprises both government-owned and privately operated entities. Kenya is a democratic country where anyone with a license has the freedom to run a media channel.

Here is a sample list of the top Kenyan media that can be used to distribute a press release efficiently.

Kenya sample media list:

Breaking Kenya News

Business Today

Daily Mail

Daily Post



Kenya Buzz

Kenya Daily News

Kenya Moja

Kenya News

Kenya Today

Kenyan News

Kenyan Wall Street




MultiChoice Group


Nairobi Gossip and News

Nairobi News

Nairobi Wire

Nation Media Group


Radio Africa

Royal Media

The Standard Group


All these media outlets, including radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, and online sites, reach Kenyan audiences in local languages that cover more than 43 tribes and national languages that include Kiswahili and English, the official language.  For complete media list for press release distribution to media in Kenya, contact or submit   press release.

About Kenya

Location: Kenya is located in the eastern side of Africa, where it borders other eastern Africa countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia and Southern Sudan.

Population: According to the census carried out in 2019, Kenya has a population of over 47 Million. The Kenyan population comprises local residents and foreigners who live in the country for varied reasons, including doing business, Studying, refugees, or tourism.

Economy: Kenya has the 6th largest economy in Africa, with an average growth of 5 % per year. The economic growth in Kenya has been hastened by positive investors’ confidence, a stable political and microeconomic environment, and resilient services sector. Although the covid-19 pandemic disrupted the tourism and manufacturing in Kenya, the Agricultural output had a robust growth.

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