Gaborone, Botswana by Justice-Hubane -
Gaborone, Botswana by Justice Hubane

Botswana media list contain contacts to journalists, reporters, editors and publishers at online news sites, broadcast and print publications.

Gaborone, Botswana (Africa Newswire)  — Online publishing has enable Botswanan’s media companies to move their publications, media assets and breaking news to pages of the internet and social media. The people of Botswana are there to consume the news. This is evidently so with this Southern African country’s Internet penetration of 47 percent as of January 2021 – a 2 percent increase from 2020 according to DataReportal.

With the growth of online users, businesses and organizations easily reach target audiences through online news sites, blogs and social media.    If the online platforms are not enough, below is media list with access to journalists, reporters, editors, publishers and producers from traditional media in print and broadcast.

Botswana Media List for Press Release Distribution


Botswana Guardian

Botswana TV

Botswana Unplugged


DStv Botswana

Gaborone Broadcasting Company

Gabz FM


Know Botswana

Midweek Sun



Patriot on Sunday

Radio Botswana

Sunday Standard

Under One Botswana Sky


Weekend Post

Yaroma FM

For more information on press release distribution to journalists, reporters, editors, publishers, producers, and bloggers of this Southern African nation of Botswana, purchase a plan or contact us at WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363.

About Botswana
Botswana is a landlock country located in the Southern part of Africa. The country’s neighboring nations are “South Africa to the south and southeast, Namibia to the west and north, and Zimbabwe to the northeast.” There are 2.4 million people of Botswana and its citizen has one of the highest standard of living in Africa with individual purchasing power (GDP per capita) of $18,000 per year.  The economy of the country is expect to grow in 2021 by 6.2 percent according to Moody’s.

About Africa Newswire™

Africa Newswire™ provides press release distribution to media in West, East, North and South Africa. is a great media platform to publish and distribute news releases across newswires, financial databases and news aggregating services.  The firm’s objective is to issue and submit content to journalists, bloggers, publishers, editors, producers at newspapers, television and radio stations, blogs, online news sites to media in the content of Africa and the Middle East.

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