Media List for Press Release Distribution to Angola Journalists and their Audiences

Video Recording in Huambo Province by Olhar Angolano

Video Recording in Huambo Province, Angola by Olhar Angolano

Luanda, Angola (Africa Newswire)  — Angola media list contains newspapers, radio, television stations and online news sites that businesses, organizations and other entities use to distribute press releases to journalists and to their Angolan audiences.

To send a press release to journalists in Angola, like any other country, requires that one knows the media of that nation:  Will the press release reach its target audience; will journalists not only receive but freely write a story from the news release? Therefore, it is imperative to understand the legal environment journalists operate, the composition of the communication infrastructure, the economy and political atmosphere that allows media to function in that nation.

In the case of Angola, the media is mostly run and controlled by the government. For example, there is only one news agency Angola — the ANGOP and Radio National de Angola (RNA); all are owned and operated by the government. However, Radio Morena, Radio Lac Luanda and Radio Ecclesia are private radio outlets.

When it comes to print media, the government-own Jornal de Angola is the only daily newspaper in Anglola. The Angolan government also owns  Angob that is published in English.  The weeklies, O Pais, Folha 8 and Novo Jornal are privately owned.

The national television network, Televiso Popular de Angola, is operated by the government as well, while WT Mundovideo is privately owned.

On the new media front, the Angolan government also has a heavy hand on its usage. However, its penetration remains at 26.5 percent, according to Internet World Stats. Today there are 9 million Internet users in Angola – a country with a population of 34 million.

If the Internet usage in Angola is showing any sign of growth, communication in this country is surviving from the overcontrol of media. Journalists have been subjected to censorship and the rampant use of defamation as instrument of silencing free speech, yet they work hard to reach their masses.

All these media outlets: newspapers, radio, television stations and the Internet  largely reach their audience in local languages as well as in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish – Portuguese is the official language of Angola.   With the help of Africa Newswire, anyone can reach the Angolan’s businesses, organizations, policy makers, journalists and consumers with press releases in the aforementioned languages.

Angola Media List for Press Release Distribution
Businesses, organizations and individual entities with the need to reach their target audience directly through the Internet or  through journalists, editors, producers and news analysts use the media list below that includes radio and television station, newspapers, blogs and online news sites.

Media list in alphabetical order


Africa 21

Ango Noticias

Angola 24 Horas

Angola Monitor

Angola Online


Club K

Correio da Kianda

Economia e Financas

Economia e Mercado


Folha 8

Jornal da Banda

Jornal de Angola

Jornal de Angola

Jornal dos Desportos

Maka Angola

Maka Angola


Noticias de Angola

Nova Gazeta

O Guardiao

O Monitor de Angola

Perola das Acacias


Portal de Angola

Rede Angola

Revista Cabinda


Televisao Publica de Angola

TV Livre Angola

Ver Angola

Vox Nova Angola

Voz de Angola

About Angola

Angola is country with 34 million people The Republic is situated on the west coast of Southern Africa. She borders Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Namibia, and Zambia by land. Angola is the seventh-largest country in Africa. Luanda is the capital and largest city of the country.

The economy of Angola has been plagued by wars. However, “the first decade of the 21st Century, Angola was one of the fastest-growing in the world, with reported annual average GDP growth of 11.1 percent from 2001 to 2010,” reports Wikipedia.   In 2019, the GDP was 94.64 U.S. dollars, in 2021 it is at 100 billion U.S. dollars and expected to reach 118 billion dollars according to Trending Economics.

The economic growth of Angola is dependent on the country’s oil. However,  the top export destinations of Angola are China ($18.5B), India ($3.77B), the United States ($2.41B), South Africa ($1.34B) and Spain ($964M). Meanwhile, the top import origins are China ($2.24B), Portugal ($2.02B), Brazil ($669M), South Africa ($637M) and the Republic of the Congo ($523M) according to The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC).

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