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Press release distribution to media in Nigeria – a media list of newspapers, magazines, online news site, radio and television stations.

Lagos, Nigeria — ( — Any business wishing to launch a new product or a service in Nigeria should inform the public about it. One way is to use Africa Newswire’s Nigeria media list for press release distribution. With a well-crafted press release, a business can take advantage of media coverage that will inform the public about the new product or service release.

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, with an estimated population of 202 million people; therefore, a huge market for releasing new products or services. Press releases can help get better public exposure, build a brand, and boost sales in Nigeria. But all these cannot happen without good media coverage.

A good company review about a new product or service, or a story about a company or an institution often acts as an implied endorsement or a recommendation from a reliable third party. Unlike advertisement, this kind of publicity is usually free of charge. It has also been found that most people trust a story or endorsement more than a direct advertisement.

Points to keep in mind when preparing a press release

The purpose of a press release is to notify the media about your product or service in their own words. Unless it is a simple advertisement, the material in your press release will have to be rewritten to suit the targeted audience while maintaining the media guidelines. The announcement needs to relate to the Nigerian audience for Nigerian journalists to cover it.

The journalists or the media house you have contacted may need to call the company that needs their announcement covered for clarification. It is therefore essential that the press release must contain contact information.

Press releases are great marketing tools but only when used efficiently. One of the ways to ensure that a press release content gets maximum exposure is by using the suitable media houses in Nigeria.

Here is a list of the best media houses to contact when releasing a press release.

Nigeria Media List

247 U Reports
Abuja Inquirer
Abuja Times
Africa Business Information Services
Africa Intelligence
African Examiner
African Herald Express
African Searchlight
Akwa Ibom News Online
Al Mizan
All Africa
All Nigeria Soccer
Aproko 247
Arewa Online
Bayelsa New Media Team
Bella Naija
Benue News Online
Best Naira News
Big News Network
Big Nigeria
Biz Watch Nigeria
Blank News Online
Business Day
Business Eye
Business News
Business World
Channels TV
City 105.1 FM
CKN Nigeria
Complete Sports
Cross River Watch
Daily Post
Daily Review Online
Daily Star
Daily Times
Daily Trust
Desert Herald
Eagle Online
Eagle Reporters
Editorial Nigeria
Edo World
Factual Reporters
Flashpoint News
Freedom Radio
Fresh Angle
Fresh Facts
Frontiers News
Galaxy TV
Gistyinka Blog
Global Village Extra
Golden Pen
Gossip Nigeria
Hot Naija News
I Reports NG
Imo State Blog
Imo Trumpeta
In Depth Nigeria
Independent Television and Radio
Index Mundi
Info Strides
Information Nigeria
Infra News
Kwara News
Latest Nigerian News
Media Nigeria
Naija Biz
Naija Lately
Naija Standard Newspaper
Nairaland Forum
National Accord
National Daily
National Guide
National Network
New Mail
New Telegraph
New Times
News 24 Nigeria
News 247
News Break Nigeria
News Chronicle
News Day
News Diary Online
News Express
News Investigators Nigeria
News Journal
News Now
Niger Delta Herald
Niger Delta Standard
Nigeria 70
Nigeria Daily News
Nigeria Independent
Nigeria Master Web
Nigeria News Day
Nigeria Newswire
Nigeria Politico
Nigeria Politics Online
Nigeria Sun
Nigeria Tell
Nigeria Village Square
Nigeria World
Nigeria World News
Nigerian Beacon
Nigerian Bulletin
Nigerian Current
Nigerian Eye
Nigerian Monitor
Nigerian News
Nigerian News Service
Nigerian Observer
Nigerian Orient News
Nigerian Times
Nigerian Voice
NTA Lagos
Oga Vendor
Ogun Radio
Ondo News
Online Nigeria
Opinion Nigeria
Osun Defender
People’s Daily
Per Second News
PM News
Point Blank News
Port Harcourt Microscope
Premium Times
Prompt News Online
Radio Continental
Radio Nigeria
Radio Nigeria Ibadan
Radio Nigeria Kaduna
Radio Nigeria Lagos
Relief Web
Reporters 365
Rivers State Television
Royal Times
Sahara Reporters
Scan News
Sharp Edge News
Silverbird TV
Sunday Newswatch
Sunday Trust
This Day
TV Continetal
Urhobo Today
Warri Post
Weekly Trust
Welcome to Linda Ikeji’s Blog
World Stage
Y Naija
You News Ng

About Nigeria Media Outlook and Economy

With the biggest economy in Africa, consume news as follows: 50% can access the internet, 77% listen to the radio, 62% watch TV, and 20% read the newspapers.

Nigerians are early adapters to technology, and this trend is expected to continue. More people are expected to use phones, computers, and tablets to listen to radios, stream news, and read newspapers. This will affect the print and television industry, but it is unlikely to affect the number of radio listeners.

In addition to being the most populated country in Africa, Nigeria is also on the list of the top 10 most populated countries in the world, ranking at number 7. It is a key player in West Africa’s economy since it is the largest oil exporter and has the largest natural gas reserves.

Nigeria was boasting a healthy economic growth before it was adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the manufacturing and hospitality industries were the most affected by the pandemic, Nigeria’s economy was not spared and reduced from 6.3% to 2.2%. It is expected that Nigeria’s economic growth will get back to normal once the pandemic effects have been fully contained.

For information on how to distribute a press release to Nigeria media outlets or to media in other countries in Africa, see press release distribution plans or contact us at WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363.


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