Algeria Media Satellite Dishes at Apartments
Algeria Media Satellite Dishes at Apartments

The nation of Algeria is located in North Africa, and she is also part of the MENA region. The country uses Arabic as her official language; about fifty percent of the country speak and write French. Hence, this north African country’s publications, television, radio stations and online news sites, social media are mainly in Arabic or French. 

Africa Newswire accepts news releases in Arabic or French for press release distribution to media outlets in Algeria, north Africa and other MENA regions.

Algeria’s major media outlets are Dzair, El Djazairia, Ennahar, Echourouk and Hogar. However, below are the nation’s national and regional media points:

Algeria media List:  National  

Akhbar Dzair

Al Jazair 1

Al Jazair 24

Al Jazair Al Youm

Al Jazair Com

ALG 24

Algeria Business Info

Algeria Press Online

Algeria Times

Algeria Watch

Algerie 1

Algerie 7

Algerie 360

Algerie Direct

Algerie Eco

Algerie Focus

Algerie Maintenant

Algerie Monde Infos

Algerie Network

Algerie Part

Algerie Patriotique

Algerie Scoop

Algerie Solidaire

CNP News

DIA Dernieres Infos d’Algerie


DZ Foot

Dzair Infos

Dzair Presse

Dzayer Info

Infos Premieres

La Voix d’Algerie

Le Matin d’Algerie

Le Quotidien d’Algerie

L’Express DZ

Live News Algerie

Observ Algerie

PF Algerie

Podium DZ

Presse Algerie

Sabq Press


Algeria media List:  Local Media

Akhbar El Youm

Akher Saa

Al Seyassi

Alger Hebdo

Alger Republicain


Chebab Djazairi




DK News

Ech Chaab

Ech Chorouk El Youmi


El Ahdath

El Bilad

El Djazair El Djadida

El Hayat

El Heddaf

El Hiwar El Jazairia

El Ikhbaria

El Khabar

El Makam

El Massa

El Mihwar

El Moudjahid

El Raaed

El Wassat

El Watan

Ennahar El Jadid

Es Salam El Youm

Hebdo Immobilier


Journal Officiel

La Nouvelle Republique

La Tribune

L’Auto Marche

Le Buteur

Le Chiffre d’Affaires

Le Courrier d’Algerie

Le Jeune Independant

Le Jour d’Algerie

Le Journal d’Affaires

Le Maghreb

Le Soir d’Algerie

Le Temps d’Algerie

L’Echo d’Algerie

Les Debats

Les Echos d’Alger



Midi Libre

Planete Sport


Sawt Al Ahrar

Transaction d’Algerie

Tribune des Lecteurs

The aforementioned media covers the Algeria’s various sectors and economy that includes Agriculture, Cement, Clothing, Fertilizers, Food Processing, Iron and Steel, Mining, Machinery, Oil and Natural Gas Production and Refining, Petrochemicals, Textiles, Transport Equipment and Wine Production. However, hydrocarbons is Algeria’s main industry with about “30% of GDP, 60% of budget revenues, and nearly 95% of export earnings,” according to  Index Mundi.

For press release distribution on any of the above industries to media outlets in Algeria, North Africa or MENA regions, contact us at +1 832-716-2363, or complete this contact form.



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