Bahrain at night World Trade Center
Bahrain at night with World Trade Center

Bahrain Media List

Bahrain is an Arab State in the Middle East; a member of the Gulf Arab states. The surface area of Bahrain is 665 square kilometers. Neighbors are Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The population of Bahrain is 1.6 million as of 2019,  and the major language is in Arabic (Bahrani and Gulf Arabic) while English is considered the second official language.  Most of Bahrain’s online news sites, newspapers, magazine, radio and television stations are in Arabic and Malayalam, while a few media outlets are in English. Most newspapers are dailies and weeklies. publishes and distributes press releases to these Bahraini media in Arabic and in English.  Here is a sample media list:

24×7 Bahrain News

Bahrain Newspapers


Al Ayam

Al Bilad



Akhbar Al Khaleej

Bahrain Business News

Bahrain News Agency


BBC News- Bahrain


Daily Tribune, The

Gulf Digital News

Gulf Weekly

Ministry of Information Affairs

Voice of Bahrain

These Bahraini media covers local, national and international issues including the country’s economy.
Bahrain has oil, in comparison to neighboring countries in the region, the country has very little oil. Hence, the government diversified its economy by expanding into Islamic and offshore banking, heavy industries such as oil and gas, aluminum smelting and iron pelletization. Other Bahrain’s industries are insurance, retail and tourism. Some of Bahrain main attractions are  Qal’at al-Bahrain, Al Areen Wildlife Park, Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park, Al Dar Islands, Bahrain National Museum, Bahrain World Trade Center.  Bahrain capital city, Manama, has high rise building buildings for hotels and home to financial institutions.

Nonetheless, the oil and gas industry still remains Bahrain’s biggest industry. According  to WoldAtlas, this sector accounts “for 11% of the GDP and 70%-86% of government revenue.”  Bahrain’s national GDP is $41.61 billion while the GDP per capita reached $4,1973.30 in 2018, reports the World Bank.   

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