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Ethiopia media list for press release distribution

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – ( – Planning to reach consumers, businesses and organizations in Ethiopia? Consider Africa Newswire’s Ethiopia media list for press release distribution to journalists, editors, writers and bloggers who inform the people of this East African country with many backgrounds.

Ethiopia has a wide range of ethnic groups and hundreds of radio stations and television stations. Most of the media houses broadcast in local languages as well as the official national language Amharic. Although Amharic is the official national language, it is not the most spoken. The most spoken language is Oromo which is used by  more than a third of the population.

Today the media reporting game has completely changed whereby established journalists or media houses are usually interested in hot and jaw-dropping news.

The only way to get the media houses to cover the content of a press release is by contracting press release distribution like with professionals who have enough experience and resources to handle the news release distribution process.

Press release distribution professionals know how to package any press release to catch the eye of any journalist no matter how busy they are. has a healthy list for media houses in Ethiopia, so they know when and how to contact the right journalists for any press release. Here is a list of the best media houses in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Media List:

1. Addis Admass
2. Addis Fortune
3. Addis Ken
4. Africa Intelligence
5. Afrik
6. All Africa
7. Amharic News
8. APA
9. Awramba Times
10. Capital
11. Cyber Zena
12. EBC
14. ECTV
15. Ethio Media
16. Ethiopia Forums
17. Ethiopia Newswire
18. Ethiopian Media Forum
19. Ethiopian News
20. Ethiopian News Agency
21. Ethiopian Observer
22. Ethiopian Review
23. Ethiopianism
24. Ezega
25. Index Mundi
26. IRIN
27. Les Nouvelles d’Addis
28. Media Ethiopia
29. Nazret
30. New Business Ethiopia
31. News Now
32. Panapress
33. Relief Web
34. Reporter
35. Tigrai Online
36. Topix
37. Walta Information Center
38. Ze Habesha

Facts business owners should know about Ethiopia.

Over 75% of Ethiopians rely on Radio to access news updates, followed by TV. It is estimated that there is at least one TV in one million homes, and at least 55% of the population has access to a television. This trend has been caused by culture and poverty where extended families live together, and most are average income earners. The internet, newspaper and magazines are the least consumed where only 20% of the population can access the internet, and 1% have access to newspapers and magazines.

This trend is expected to continue as the country has yet to recover from the pandemic effects. In addition, the crashes in the northern region have made the country unstable; thus, most people are expected to continue relying on radios and televisions to get news.

Despite being the oldest country in Africa, Ethiopia is also the second-most populous country, with an estimated population of more than 122 million people. Its strategic location in the Horn of Africa gives it an advantage of accessing Africa and the Middle East markets.

Ethiopia’s only challenge is that it is a landlocked country bordering Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea, and Somalia. However, Ethiopia has been using ports in Djibouti to carry out trade, but it is now transitioning to resuming using ports in Eritrea after the two countries signed an agreement to trade together.

Ethiopia has been enjoying a robust economic growth of 9.4% per year since 2011, but in 2019 the economic growth slowed to 6.1% due to the pandemic that devastated the entire world.

Ethiopia is now considered one of the best countries to invest in for local and international foreigners due to its strategic location.  To reach investors, entrepreneurs and the market in the Ethiopia, contact

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