TR Tech in collaboration with LocoNav
TR Tech in collaboration with LocoNav
  • The collaboration with LocoNav enables TR Tech to provide fleet technology solutions in South African markets at reasonable prices
  • LocoNav’ s advanced AI-powered video analytics play a crucial role in assessing driving behaviour and warnings about potential accidents
  • GPS-based fleet management solutions, IoT enabled devices ranging from basic GPS tracking devices to sophisticated OBD devices and AI-enabled dash cams, and more, all under one roof

Johannesburg, South Africa, 23 March 2022 – ( — Integrated tech-services provider TR Tech and disruptive full-stack fleet-tech startup LocoNav have collaborated in South Africa to provide state-of-the-art GPS, IoT, and Vehicle Telematics solutions. The aim of the collaboration is to make advancements in fleet technology to make it easily accessible to fleet owners, operators and fulfil requirements for local businesses such as GPS resellers and tracking service providers. LocoNav’s AI-driven offerings will enable TR Tech to provide fleet technology solutions in South African markets at reasonable prices.

LocoNav’s AI-driven technology combined with IoT offerings brought to the South African market by TR Tech has the capability to truly prevent accidents, save lives and bring efficiency to fleet management businesses. The advanced AI powered technology helps drivers in many ways like adopting better driving practices, detecting accidents that may happen and preventing mishaps by alerting the driver by in-cab audio alerts. It also enables fleet owners to understand driving behaviours. The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) with the help of the driver facing camera, keeps track of driver distraction, driver fatigue, drowsiness as well as face ID to examine potential risk factors and alerts both the driver and the fleet manager.

Speaking on this announcement, LocoNav Co-Founders – Shridhar Gupta and Vidit Jain, said, “At LocoNav, we look forward to consistently building and innovating disruptive technologies. Our mission is to provide fleet owners and drivers with the tools to gain visibility and control over every aspect of their business. Our technology will enable business efficiency and help the South African markets move on from rudimentary technologies in place. This collaboration with TR Tech will democratize access to cutting-edge fleet-tech solutions at reasonable prices in South Africa and empower fleet owners and operators to navigate challenges like robbery and theft.”

Ishaang Dada, TR tech Founder said, “Our collaboration with LocoNav will be the enabler of a major disruption in the South African telematics industry. This collaboration will enable safeguarding the fleet owners and drivers from the biggest threat of cargo theft which is very prevalent in the South African provinces. Our software will enable 24*7 tracking along with other security features like SOS Alerts, remote vehicle immobilization, geofencing for defined routes, driver monitoring system and more. The reasonable price point will also make this technology more accessible to fleet drivers and small fleet owners.”

LocoNav and TR Tech will be offering video telematics, GPS-based fleet management solutions, IoT enabled devices, ranging from basic GPS tracking devices to sophisticated OBD devices and, and more, all under one roof. Integrated with LocoNav’ s cloud-based software, the advanced solutions will help fleet owners increase business efficiency through real time fleet tracking, maintaining vehicle health, driver monitoring, live streaming, incident video recordings and more.  Additionally, the solutions assist in managing operating costs through fuel monitoring and alerts if the vehicle moves during non-operational hours. It also provides the fleet owners and operators with the ability to immobilize the vehicle remotely. The easy-to-use software also provides tampering alerts if the telematics devices are unplugged and inform the driver of unsafe zones using the geofencing feature, in areas where the theft probability is high.

LocoNav is a Series B funded startup backed by investors like Quiet Capital, Anthemis Group, Sequoia Capital India, Foundamental, RIT Capital Partners, Uncorrelated Ventures, Village Global, and other leading investors, with a presence in 40+ countries.

About TR Tech: TR Tech is a transport solutions company founded by Ishaang Dada. It was established in 2014 providing various solutions in supply chain and logistics for last mile people transport and food delivery. With presence in South Africa for over 8 years TR Tech has expanded their reach and portfolio of logistics solutions to help take the last mile people transport and food delivery market to every corner of South Africa. For more information, go to

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