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Middle East Media List Allows for Press Release Distribution to Online News Sites, Print and Broadcast Outlets in the MENA region and Arab World

Media Lists, Mobile Phones as Media

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What is a media list?  Here is a definition of media list:  

Saudi Arabia (Arab Newswire) — A media list contains names of  magazines, newspapers, radio and television stations online news sites, blogs and social media networks. These print, broadcast and online outlets publish and air news to a target or regional audience. These recipients  consume information that educates, entertains and helps  them in social, political and economic development that leads to their wellbeing and prosperity.  

The Middle East and North Africa audience is informed and engages in economic, industrial and social activities that makes them flourish.  You can reach this region through Arab Newswire’s press release distribution services.

For companies and organizations to reach these audience, companies and organizations need media lists.  Arab Newswire is constantly developing and updating media lists for the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and the Arab World. Currently the media lists are based on countries shown below. To receive these lists, contact us.   

Media Lists covers these countries:














Palestinian Territories


Saudi Arabia





United Arab Emirates


To publish and distribute news releases to media in MENA, contact Arab Newswire. You’ll receive a list with media outlets covering the region through online news sites and a list with email addresses of journalists, editors, producers, news analysts, bloggers.  Depending on the  press release distribution plan you purchase, you’ll receive a clipping report that shows where your news is published online. The report will also depict the effectiveness of news distribution to email list.

About Arab Newswire

Arab NewsWire is a commercial newswire service with press release distribution to media outlets in the Arab world, Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The newswire service distributes press releases in Arabic, English and French. Arab Newswire is a sister newswire service to – a global newswire with press release distribution with guaranteed results. Arab Newswire and are part of GroupWeb Media LLC. For more information on press release distribution to the Arab world including Middle East and North Africa, contact us or call +1 281-645-4086 or Mobile/WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363; Skype: groupwebmedia.

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