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With over 90 literacy rates, Ghana has a high media reach through online, radio, television and print media.

ACCRA – ( — Ghana is located in Africa near the equator. This Central West African nation has a population is over 31 million people with a GDP of $74 billion as of 2020 . Any business that intends to introduce a new product, service or announce an upcoming event in Ghana should consider using the media that nearly has 100% reach to consumers, businesses and the population at large.

According to research, Ghana is one of the most educated countries in Africa, with a literacy level of over 90%. This means that over 90% of adults 15 years or more can read and write. Due to the increase in internet penetration, stable economic growth, and peaceful political environment, the literacy level is expected to increase.

Although English is the official language, there are other 11 languages taught in schools in Ghana, a country with 6 ethnic groups. English and Akan are the most spoken language in the country, whereby most media houses use these languages mainly and a few others to broadcast news and report other events.

Using a press release in Ghana is one of the best ways to convey a new message to the entire population. It is estimated that over 90% of adults in Ghana have mobile phones, 83% listen to the radio, 76% have access to TV, 28% have access to computers and the internet, and over 70% read the newspaper. The median age in Ghana is 21.5 years; therefore, radio, newspapers, and the internet will continue leading as the ways most people access news and entertainment.

Here is a list of major media houses in Ghana for press release distribution.

Radio stations in Ghana

Accra FM

Akasanoma Radio Ghana

Akoma FM

Angel FM

Ash FM

Boss FM

Cash FM

Citi FM

Dess FM

Ezra FM


Focus FM

Fox FM

Garden City FM

GH Radio 1

Ghana Music Radio

GhanaWaves Radio

Gye Nyame FM

Happy FM

Hot FM

Joy FM

Kapital FM

Kasapa FM

Kente Radio

Kings Radio

Lens Radio

Light FM

Live 91.9FM

Live Xtra Ghana

Luv FM

Neat FM

New Mercury FM

Obaapa Radio Ghana

Okay FM

Oman FM

Otec FM

Oyerepa FM

Peace FM

Price FM

Radio Gold FM

Radio Lynk

Radio XYZ


Sikka FM

Silver FM

Starr FM

Sunsum FM

T4L Radio

TOP 103.1 FM

Ultimate FM

Voice of Victory (VOV)

Wantumi Radio

Y107.9 FM

Y97 FM

Tyme FM

Jubilee Radio


Holy FM

Victory FM

Lorlornyo FM

Volta star Radio

Tosh FM



TV stations Ghana

4Syte TV

Adom TV

Agoo TV

Ashaiman TV

Atinka TV


Bryt TV

Citi TV

Crystal TV


Discovery Television (fmr)

Dominion TV Ghana


Family TV





Homebase TV

Joy Prime

Kantanka TV

Kessben TV

Konkonsa TV

LwPlus TV in

Max TV

Metro TV

Might TV

Net 2 TV


Obonu TV

Oceans TV

Onua TV

Pan-African TV

Praise TV

Sagani TV

Trotro TV

TV 7

TV Africa




Zaa TV


Zylofon TV

Ghana news sites, magazines and newspapers

3 News

Business & Financial Times

Business Ghana

Business in Ghana

Buzz Ghana


Citi Newsroom

Daily Graphic

Daily Guide


GH Base

GH Headlines

Ghana 360 News

Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC)

Ghana Man Sports

Ghana News Agency (GNA)

Ghana News Page

Ghana page

Ghana Review International

Ghana Soccer Net

Ghana Star

Ghana Web

Ghanaian Times


Modern Ghana

News Ghana

Peace FM


Report Ghana News



Ghana has a GDP of 74 Billion USD which is the 8th highest GDP in Africa. However, the country’s GDP and economic growth are recovering after it was highly affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. The GDP growth had decreased from 6.5% in 2019 to 1.7% in 2020, especially due to the slump in oil prices and slow global economic activity. However, other sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and favorable cocoa and gold market helped Ghana survive the pandemic.

The increasing demand in Ghana’s major exports, improved business confidence, and successful implementation of the Ghana Covid-19 Alleviation and Revitalization of Enterprise support program have helped revive the country’s economic growth. The growth rate of Ghana’s economy is expected to reach 4% in 2021 and 4.1% in 2022. The inflation rate is also expected to drop to 8.2% in 2021 and 8% in 2022.

The fiscal deficit in Ghana is expected to drop to 7.2% in 2021 and 5.7% in 2022. Ghana’s ability to restore its economic growth is now only challenged by fiscal and debt risks. The country is expected to return to its fiscal responsibility budget deficit threshold of 5% in 2024.

Nonetheless, Ghana has positive economic outlook. With close to close 99 percent media penetration, businesses and organizations are taking advantage to reach their target audience through press release distribution.   For more information on how to submit press release media in Ghana or Africa, go to’s submit press release page or contact us today at WhatsApp: +1 832-716-2363.

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